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Immigration Court

If you are in immigration court facing possible deportation, you have the right to make your case, have it heard and decided fairly. As an experienced immigration attorney with a proven reputation for helping with clients facing complicated matters in immigration court, I can help you make that case.

At the Law Offices of Laura F. Kelley, I am passionate about ensuring you havea fair hearing and a just result. As an experienced immigration attorney, I have taken on complex cases and helped clients find novel and innovative strategies to overcome serious charges in immigration court. I am honest and straightforward with my clients about their chances of success, and I assure you that if I agree to take your case, I make every professional effort to fight against deportation.

There are a number of strategies we may be able to employ, including:

•  Requesting a bond redetermination and custody hearing

•  Challenging the Department of Homeland Security’s charge finding you removable or deportable

•  Applying for Prosecutorial Discretion with the Department of Homeland Security 

•  Applying for asylum, withholding and Convention Against Torture Protection 

•  Applying for Cancellation of Removal for Lawful Permanent Residents 

•  Applying for cancellation of removal for those with no lawful status 

•  Seeking waivers for criminal convictions, fraud or other bars 

•  Making a case for hardship 

•  Applying for permanent residence 

•  Applying for relief as a battered spouse, parent or child 

•  Applying for removal of conditions

Find out more about how I can defend you against deportation in your immigration case. Please call (305) 363-2844, email or fill out the form on this website to let our knowledge, experience and compassion serve you.